Some authors of outstanding submissions will be asked to rework their papers for publication in the journal "Biomass conversion and Biorefinery"

Submission and Review Process of Scientific Papers

The ICPS is committed to scientific excellence and therefore organized as an optional peer reviewed conference. All conference contributions will be published in our online proceedings and the best papers will also be presented in the printed journal "Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery".

  • Abstract submission - 1.4.2019 - extended till 15.7.2019 
    (please be aware, that you have to submit your full paper also on 15th of July if you want to take part in the review process and the conference proceedings, if you just want to present your topic via poster or oral presentation at the conference you can also submit only your abstract till 15th July)
  • Start of the review process and feedback - June
  • Optional full paper submission (if you want to take part in the review process and the conference proceedings)  - till 15th July
  • Full Paper Review and Feedback - till 17th September
  • Revised Version Submission for finally published conference proceedings - till 10th October
  • Optional Extended Full Paper Submission as Journal Publication - after the conference

All Abstracts must be submitted online using our online submission form. All submitted abstracts within the time frame will be evaluated / reviewed by the Scientific Committee, based on novelty and scientific merit. The corresponding authors will be contacted individually and invited to submit a Full Paper after this first review. Here you can choose if you want to submit a full paper for the peer review process or if you just want to present your topic at the conference. In this communication also the deadline for full paper submission will again be declared. Please note that only full papers submitted within in the desired time frame and based of the appropriate template will participate in the peer review process.

If the abstract resp. paper is not rejected for any reason at least one author is required to attend the conference and present the content. Together with the confirmation of acceptance of the full paper, a preliminary program will be announced and the authors will be asked to confirm their attendance by registering online. All presenting authors must register as participants, to ensure inclusion of their contribution into the program and the proceedings.

Papers accepted for the conference will be published in their final versions in the online conference proceedings (digital, ISBN and DOI  numbered). You´ll find them here on our Homepage and in the TU repsitory. For publication within the journal "Biomass conversion and Biorefinery", some authors will be contacted after the conference (till the 15th of February latest).

Presentation Details

Oral Presentation

The lecturers will have 15 to 20 minutes to present their topic. Afterwards there will be time for questions of about 5 to10 minutes.
To find out about the starting time of your presentation, please have a look at the conference program.
Please bring your presentation to the conference on a digital device preferably on an usb-stick.

Poster Presentation

The poster presentation will take place on both conference days, 18th and 19th November from 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm.
At the conference venue, we will provide you each with a poster wall of 57.4´´ height and 46.4´´ width (146 cm height and 118 cm width). Therefore we recommend a poster format of min. DIN A1 (59,4 x 84,1 cm / 23.4 x 33.1 in) and max. DIN A0 (84,1 x 118,9 cm / 33.1 x 46.8 in).
Please bring your poster to the conference in a printed version as well as on a digital device preferably on an usb-stick.


During the conference registration at the conference venue Schönbrunn, we´ll ask you to provide us with your presentation slides and digital posters to save them on the Laptops in the conferece rooms for your presentation and in the members area of our homepage. Please have your usb-stick at hand to keep the registration process as fast as possible.

Abstract and Paper Submission Details

For writing your abstract and the paper please use the template provided in Word format only! It is not necessary to convert it into a PDF. This will be performed by the electronic submission system.

Abstract Template Full Paper Template
  • The abstract should be rather short and consist of maximum two pages (150 - 550 words).
  • Manuscripts for the full paper will not be limited to a certain length. As an indication it is recommend to aim on eight resp. a maximum of ten pages.
  • The abstract and the paper may be comprised of text, figures, and tables.
  • Drawings, figures, and tables should include figure labels and scale markers and have to be placed into the paper as formatted in the template.
  • Color figures may be used, and will be reproduced as such in the electronic proceedings distributed on the webpage or by another form electronically; however, in the hard copy, these figures will be reproduced as grayscale images.
  • Please don’t use any headers, footers, and page numbering 
  • Please don´t use field codes 
  • Only unencrypted word type documents will be accepted for submission
  • Abstracts and papers will have to be re-submitted if their layout differs significantly to the template
  • All papers selected for the conference will be published in the regular conference proceedings – provided that a full paper version considering potential remarks of the reviewers is submitted resp. updated within in the timeframe.
  • You will be asked for a formal copyright statement during the electronic submission process and at the check in at the conference venue.

Submission Procedure

To submit your final abstract or full paper pleas click on the button below or at the top of this page.

Submit here

The on-line registration system will take you step-by-step through the submission of your abstract. To ensure consistency in formatting all abstracts are to be submitted in Microsoft Word format using the abstract template which can be downloaded from this web site. 

You will be required to upload your abstract Word file at the end of the online submission process. A confirmation email indicating a successful upload will be instantly sent to the email address you have specified. As a part of the upload procedure your abstract will be converted to Adobe Acrobat PDF file. By using your personal Access Key, which you will be issued during the submission process, you will be able to access the "Author Zone" on the conference website. 

In the Author Zone you will be able to:

  • View the PDF version of your abstract to ensure that the abstract has been received correctly
  • Upload a replacement abstract, if required
  • Add additional abstracts, if required
  • Register for the Conference 
  • After the notification of acceptance of the abstract, you can replace resp. update the abstract by the full paper to start the peer reviewing process

If you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact us!