Topics & Program

We have seen our topics to grow up.
Let´s save the world and reach the Paris Climate Targets

Program 2019

The three-day program for the conference includes: 

  • Overview lectures describing the state-of-the-art for different technologies
  • Oral presentations on research, development and demonstration projects
  • Poster presentations on research, development and demonstration projects
  • An excursion to demonstration plants - optionally on the third day
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Main Topics


biogenic feedstock and waste materials
gasification agents (O2, H2O, CO2 etc.)
conventional and advanced reactor systems (e.g. SER)

Gas upgrading and gas cleaning for synthesis application

tar reduction
upgrading processes (CO2 separation, Water-gas-shift, etc.)
removal of catalyst poisons (H2S, NH3, HCl, etc.)

Syngas applications

electricity and heat
synthetic natural gas
production of biofuels
production of basic chemicals
production of hydrogen
gas for energy intensive industry

Modelling and simulation

mathematical modelling of single process steps
simulation of process chains or integrated processes

Industrial implementations

industrial demonstration 
integrated concepts (biorefineries, etc.)
techno-economic assessments & LCA
greening the gas
power to x
carbon capture & utilization (CCU)

Development of commercial applications by industrial partners

reference projects
operational experience

Proceedings of our previous conferences

The conference proceedings of the ICPS are published under open access licence and have an ISBN as well as a DOI. They are published here on our website, in the TU Wien repository reposiTUm and you find them on the usb-stick in your conference package.

ICPS 2019 - Proceedings